The California Economy Series

Smart Public Investments Shared Public Prosperity Land Use
Smart Public Investments for the California Economy Shared Prosperity And the California Economy Land Use and the California Economy

   In 2000 CCSCE was asked by a group of California-based foundations to discuss how specific public policy issues are related to the state's economy. The publication of Shared Prosperity and the California Economy in September 2001 is the third in this series of "and the California economy" reports. The first two reports dealt with land use (Land Use and the California Economy) and infrastructure (Smart Public Investments for the California Economy). These two reports were commissioned by California and the Land, which is founded by The William and Flora Hewlett, James Irvine, and David and Lucile Packard Foundations, the Bank of America, Environment Now and The Wendy P. McCaw Foundation.

   The Shared Prosperity report discusses workforce policy issues in relation to California economic trends. The Shared Prosperity report was funded by The James Irvine Foundation.

   These reports and the accompanying speaking presentations of report results have been a significant part of CCSCE's research activities during the past four years and we are grateful for the ongoing support of the foundation sponsors.

   CCSCE hopes to be able to do a report on Population Growth, Land Use and the California Economy. We believe that a broad and serious discussion of population growth issues is necessary to respond to the fears and, sometimes, misunderstandings about population growth and the economy in California.

 All California Economy reports above are free and downloadable