The 2009/10 edition of California County Projections

How has the long and deep recession changed the outlook for job, population, housing and income growth? This is the question that clients are asking and the new edition of California County Projections addresses these questions directly.

California has become an average growth state since 2000. How much will this slowing of growth continue in the next ten years? Even if growth slows, California will remain the nation's largest market with the largest increase in population and buying power. And five of California's regional economies are among the world's 60 largest market areas.

The recent housing market turmoil is unprecedented in recent times. Still, five million residents will be added in the next ten years and the changing demographics by age and ethnic group are still occurring. In the midst of this uncertainty and change CCSCE analyzes a reasonable range of alternatives for future housing growth.

CCSCE's new report gives private and public sector managers an independent overview of key economic and demographic trends during a time of great uncertainty. As always California County Projections—2009/10 Edition provides detailed historical analysis and projections for subscribers who need the detail. The report includes

  • CCSCE's year-end economic update with the latest outlook for 2010 and 2011
  • A new section on how the recession affects long-term growth prospects
  • The latest historical data on population, housing, income and taxable sales
  • County projections to 2018 for population, housing, and income

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