California County Projections - 2009/10 Edition

California County Projections—2009/10 Edition provides detailed historical analysis and projections for subscribers who need the detail. The report includes:

  • CCSCE's year-end economic update with the latest outlook for 2010 and 2011
  • A new section on how the recession affects long-term growth prospects
  • The latest historical data on population, housing, income and taxable sales
  • County projections to 2018 for population, housing, and income

California Economic Growth - 2008 Edition

The 2008 edition of California Economic Growth contains the following new features:
  • New state and regional job projections to 2017
  • New update on housing market outlook
  • New detailed industry history and projections
  • New national population, job and occupational projections
  • New short-term economic outlook for 2008 and 2009
  • New Opportunities and Challenges chapter

Land Use and the California Economy
  • Regional perspectives are required for solving many of California's land use challenges.
  • Higher densities in California's urban regions are necessary to house projected job and population growth.
  • Public investment is required to support smart land use planning - particularly in urban centers.
  • Fiscal reform is essential because current fiscal rules give the wrong land use planning incentives.
  • Smart land use planning must address equity considerations.

Smart Public Investment for the California Economy

  • The state's infrastructure deficits hurt our economy and quality of life.
  • Infrastructure investment is a partnership involving federal, state, regional and local public agencies as well as the private sector.
  • The state government is a key infrastructure partner in terms of planning and coordination.
  • Future growth is an important determinant of infrastructure needs but California would have a serious infrastructure deficit even if job and population growth slow.
  • With a $1 trillion+ economy, California can afford to fund infrastructure investments that improve our economy, environment and social equity.

Shared Prosperity and the California Economy

  • Workforce investment will be increasingly important for maintaining economic prosperity in California.
  • Workforce investment can best meet the needs of workers and employers by focusing on move-up strategies and career ladder development.
  • New and innovative workforce partnerships are the key to success.
  • Workforce partnerships should focus on
    1. regional labor markets
    2. specific industry opportunities
    3. significant private sector involvement
    4. a key role for community colleges.
  • California's workforce investment strategy should be universal, providing opportunities to all workers, but a good starting focus is on the working poor.