Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy
CCSCE is based in Palo Alto, California.
The Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy (CCSCE) has become the recognized source of independent information about long-term trends in California. CCSCE was founded as an independent, private economic research organization specializing in the analysis and study of California. CCSCE focuses on long-term economic and demographic trends in the state and its major economic regions.

CCSCE works with private companies and public institutions that require an explanation and analysis of the growth process as well as detailed quantitative projections. CCSCE has developed a proprietary model to project long-term economic trends in California based on an analysis of the prospects of California industries within the framework of national and global trends.

CCSCE uses its findings to help decision makers in both the private and public sector make long-term strategic plans regarding business decisions and public policy. Recent work has focused on workforce, regional growth, and addressing poverty.

CCSCE activities include research projects on the California economy; CCSCE’s annual series of projection reports; customized long-term future projections; and senior management briefings, presentations, and speeches. CCSCE also participates as a research partner in public policy projects related to economic and demographic trends in California.

CCSCE was established in 1969 by Robert K. Arnold and Stephen Levy. It has been a source of reliable information on California for investors, businesses, and public agencies for over 40 years. Stephen Levy has been Director of CCSCE since 1985.